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New mindset, community and squad's names

To describe better the service offering, we shifted the community name to Itaú Investment Services and some squads' name to bring engagement driven by clear purposes to leadership and team members.

Business services 

re-organized driven by customer-center vision

Mental model of teams in the process of evolution, transforming a culture of projects into a vision of digital products in evolution of services and products with constant deliveries.

More questioning, engaged and autonomous teams that understand that the community's products and services are means and not ends and seek different solutions to deliver the best experience to customers.

"100% of customers are people, 100% of employees are people. If you don't understand people, you don't understand business ".

Simon Sinek

What I did

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with superintendents, managers, and team members;
  • Mapped their main pain points using the card sort technique;
  • Facilitated dynamics using the Golden Circle model to define purpose and a new name for the squads;
  • Facilitated dynamics to reorganize business services based on the new squad's purpose.


With more than 40 years in the capital market, Itaú Security Services was a community with more than 20 squads working to deliver solutions in custody, fund management, fiduciary administration, bookkeeping and trustee.

For many years, a large number of demands, legal solutions and risk mitigation did not allow a prioritization of technological modernization and a human-centric culture of innovation, leaving most of the systems operating on legacy.


The challenge was to bring back the people-centered mindset innovation to build new significant services focused on the customer's needs.


As a cross-transformation Zup team, we promoted a retrofit in the community, identified customer pains and opportunities, reordered Business Services and defined clear purposes for each squad, together with Itaú's superintendents and managers.
Itaú Investment Services

Retrofitting mindsets to serve better

Discover pain points and define purposes for updating business services

Knowing the main pain points

After a kick-off meeting in which we presented the steps planned for the transformation, we started our discovery by mapping the organizational structure with 20 squads of the operation.

Then, we set up a script for in-depth interviews and split up to speak with superintendents, technical and business leaders and key positions. We categorize the biggest pains in a Card Sorting technique in a tag cloud format and, by tabbing these categories, we found the main pains of community leadership.
Through these learnings, we identify pains and opportunities that allow us to see the main structural changes and perceptions. Together with the superintendents and managers, a reorganization of squads was planned, oriented to better deliveries by RTs (Release Trains).

I built and facilitated purpose definition dynamics and business services using Golden Circle and a customer-centric vision among the leadership and macro squad groups.

Defining purpose
& culture

We split into two fronts:
purpose and culture and process and technology.

Ahead of Purpose and Culture, I designed a CSD matrix to confirm assumptions and doubts about pain with the squads. With a script of in-depth interviews inspired by important pillars for a good culture, I started talking to Team Leads, Tech Leads, PO's, Developers, QA's and UX of the squads.
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