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I arrived at the squad with the redesign already started. 

Understanding the objective and past research, I continued the redesign of the store design:

- new showcase with prominent positions; 

- customization of categories;

- spaces for banners;

- feedback flows;

- FAQ, help center and terms and conditions page.


& continuity

Loyalty & engagement

I had to leave the team and unfortunately I couldn't access sales metrics and customer feedback. But we had projections that earning cashback in partner stores would become one of the main levers of customer engagement in the Itaú product ecosystem.

+65 million

individual customers

available for


big brands
at Itaú partner store




Change without


it is possible to change the value delivery of a product by changing small key points of it, without the need to redo the entire layout from scratch. This can come from a customer or business need.


is a system

the customer/user never has an isolated experience, each component, feature, journey, service… affects his experience as a whole. Our syncs between product designers who gave and/or received points helped us to build consistent systemic experiences.


is king

keeping the customer engaged with your product is worth more than money. Even if there is no profit at first, with engagement, profit will arrive quickly. And I'm not the one saying it.


Due to the new strategy for the banking products ecosystem, we shifted the value proposition to give cashback instead of discounts. Then, we have become one of the main levers of engagement in the cycle of earning and burning Itaú points in the bank and beyond banking products.

The name "partnerships and benefits" no longer clearly represented the new value delivered. We needed a new product name.
So I conducted 4 brainstorming dynamics, 2 with the squad triad and 2 with the whole team. And, after refinement, we chose 5 names for a validation ReNaming survey with a diverse and representative sample of 30 Itaú customers (6 retail, 6 Uniclass, 6 Personnalité, 7 non-account holders with retail income, and 5 non-account holders with Uniclass income).

status flow

Section small

Considering that people will receive their cashback within 45 days of purchasing, it was necessary to design a status to reduce customer anxiety and avoid complaints.

With a blueprint of steps and possible troubles from the customer's payment to receiving their cashback, I designed the status screen with purchase date and icons to represent approved, pending and canceled cashback.

When cashback is compensated, the customer can use it to transfer points to airlines or to buy Itaú's products. 

New locate

Then, I prepared a function prototype, and carried out guerrilla usability tests with Itaú employees doing the task: You needed to buy a shoe and knew that you would get cashback buying from Itaú partner stores. How would you find this store?

Me, the Product Manager and the Group Product Manager had some hypotheses, and we decided to put the link to our store in three different places in the app (between Itaú Shop and Points and Cashback in the exclusive products menu and inside each one of them). Our goal was to know find out the easiest to customer find our marketplace of partner store since the app login.
After the guerrilla test, the Researcher team ran the official usability tests with 6 customers (2 Retail, 2 Uniclass, 2 Personnalité) and we confirmed the insights:
Analyzing the behaviors, we conclude that people can enter Cashback Partner Stores through Itaú Shop when their main goal is to buy some product and through Points and Cashback menu when pay attention in cashback first. So we locate the entry to the store in two places.


most people found the partner store entering by Itaú Shop


almost half clicked in Points and Cashback


Section small


After validations, I updated the accessibility specifications by validating the flow with experts and indicated areas to be tagged for monitoring in Google Analytics. After the handoff, I accompanied and assisted the developers and QAs in building the store, always striving for an accessible experience (WCAG 2.0 AA) for everyone.

Finally, I participated in the definition of monitoring metrics (KPIs), together with the PM and Tech Lead. Through dynamics, we selected what really needed to be measured in order to make clear decisions toward the evolution and success of the product. I was also able to contribute with definitions for the cashback transactional communications briefing sent to communication agency.

What I did

  • Understood past research and improving the redesign;
  • Designed the new cashback experience to receive cards, status and help center flows;
  • Conducted dynamics and surveys with customers to validate the new store name;
  • Built the prototype and usability test script to validate the new store location in Itaú's apps.


Due to the increase in partner brands, the Partnership and Benefits (store that offered discounts and coupons at the checkout of Itaú's partner e-commerces) needed a redesign of its product experience.

Initial Challenge

Making usability easier for the customer to find their favorite stores, receive discount updates and shop more.


Beyond the redesign, we also shifted the value proposition to become a relevant part of the new customer engagement strategy in Itaú's product ecosystem.
Instead of discounts, customers now get cashback to use on purchases at the Itaú Shop, invoice discounts, donations, transfers to airlines and other banking products.
Itaú Cashback Partner Stores

Your favorite brands with cashback for you

The design process to launch a new value proposition and promote loyalty and engagement across millions of customers

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