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New app

+ intuitive

+ practical

+ functional
a totally different

4+ stars

in app store reviews
after 1 month of launch
from 1.5 to


screens developed


people involved





and adaptation

Communication and alignment are great allies of resilience and assertive adaptation. We learned this in practice as professionals and squads multiplied rapidly from one week to the next, the deadline was getting shorter and the pressure to deliver increased.

Agility, communication,

With very little time to deliver the app, the squad designers met every day and updated a shared component library with new components for collective use, following the design principles we had established together.

run and learn fast

Understanding customer and market needs before launching a product or feature need not be strictly thorough. MVP rollout and trials should be quick to learn from monitoring customer feedback using the product in real life.
I arrived at the beginning of the project for this new app. We were divided into 6 squads, responsible for looking at different product flows and always in contact with the bank's product designers who looked at the respective flows in desktop internet banking.

As part of the core banking squad (transfers, payments, and collections), I started analyzing complaints from app stores and call center recordings.

I could identify two most latent user's pains:

1. Slow performance and with many app crashes

2. Slow usability with repetitive actions due to a lack of batch actions


What I did

  • Identified critical pain points at each step of the customer journey;
  • Facilitated navigation;
  • Designed new user flows;
  • Created new interfaces and components;
  • Supported the development and quality testers.


In 2019, Banco Safra, one of the largest high-income banks in Brazil, began its digital expansion and expansion of financial services for individuals and companies. Zup was hired to accelerate this digital transformation. We occupy an entire floor working on app deliveries Safra Companies, Safra Wallet and Safra Pay.


Change the reputation of the Safra Companies app, which had a score of 1.5 and many complaints in the app stores and call centers.


Deliver value quickly, changing as little as possible in the backend and working on performance tests, QA and improvements that transform usability, bringing faster and easier navigation.
Safra Companies App

Complete financial management for your business

Changing the game, renewing payments and other features in a high-income bank

With the biggest pain points defined, I continued mapping the current flows and carrying out a Heuristic Analysis to find usability improvement points.

I proceeded to rethink the transfer flows and generation of bank slips in order to facilitate navigation. Then, I designed a new contact selection for payment and charge screens. To ensure consistency and speed up deliverables, we built and used components into a shared library among designers.




After the new design flow, I assisted in programming and testing with the QA.

I was also responsible for flagging areas to be tagged for monitoring in Google Analytics. And, in conversation with the developers, I made adjustments to optimize performance and page loading speed.

We ended up with new core banking flows (transfers, payments and collections) that are much easier, faster and monitored for the evolution and improvements of the Safra Companies app in production.
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